Can not access websites when spoofing my user agent

I just recently decided to spoof my user agent in my browser. This is a permanent spoof via browser settings. They only thing I am doing is changing my operating system. It’s a personal privacy choice. Since doing this though, I can not seem to access websites that are behind Cloudflare. I get the Checking your browser before accessing “”. And it just keeps refreshing that page. Having the default user agent fixes the issue, but I would like to keep my “customized” user agent. It is a valid user agent, so the problem wouldn’t be a bad user agent string.

My question is, what other options might I need to adjust to keep Cloudflare from thinking I am a bot? And not get stuck on this checking browser message. I assuming it’s the DDOS protection that is doing this.

There you go, you knew it already. Different UA means different behavior, which I think that’s the issue. What kind of “customized” UA are you using?

If you want to modify your UA, use the browser UA format (Mozilla, AppleWebkit, Chrome, etc), but modify the version numbers, maybe it works.

Ive used both Firefox and Chrome and they give the same results with no access. Firefox I am using general.useragent.override, chrome I pass the --user-agent as an argument when launching.

Following this user agent guide for Firefox.

I changed to one version behind. Didn’t make a difference.

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