Can not access to my website cpanel

After i add my website on Cloudfare, Why i can not access to my website’s cpanel through I have to access my website cpanel through ip/cpanel.

Thank you for your knowledge

Port 2083 is open however, if you are you getting Error 526 Invalid SSL certificate, it may be that Crypto or a Page rule is set to Full (strict) requiring your origins certificate and rejecting cPanels.

What is the solution?

The cPanel hostname should have been sent when you signed up. If not, if you know the IP you can do a reverse lookup Reverse IP Lookup - MxToolbox then add :8023 e.g. https://www.mycpanel:8023 should do it.

I don’t understand ? how to do it?
The screenshot of the cpanel that i log in with error showing with this link:

Is there have any videos that i can refer from youtube?

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