Can no longer ping remote network through the tunnel. Error message: General Failure

I have a tunnel that terminates at the Raspberry Pi in a separate WiFi network that I set up away from home using 4G router (with a SIM). I managed to access local IPs on that network through my WARP/Zero Trust clients on my mobile phone and on my Windows 10 PC.
However, one day it stopped working on PC and whenever I try to ping the address where the tunnel terminates (which is btw shown as Healthy) I get General Failure error.
The setup still works through my mobile i.e. when WARP client is up I can ping the said IP without issues.

I have tried the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Reinstalled the WARP/Zero Trust client on my PC
  • Checked the AV/firewall settings
  • Checked the split tunnel configuration
  • Searched the forums and communities for similar issues, but found nothing

I am at a loss as to what to do next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

WARP client: 2023.9.248.0

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Did you check that ICMP is enabled under the Network section of the Zero Trust Dashboard?

If so, are other protocols working, like TCP/UDP?

I did check this option and no, other protocols do not work either. I primarily used ssh so tcp, which does not work either.

After trying everything, I came to the conclusion that this is some kind of bug.
Whenever I add to split tunnel entries (Exclude) and I REMOVE it, the tunnel entries get updated and I can ping the machines in my remote network. After a while it stops working again, and I have to repeat adding/removing split tunnel entry for the IP range I want to ping.


I have similar issue here. When I re-add my local network’s subnet to the exclude list, I can connect to local devices. As soon as I remove it again, it breaks the connectivity.
Odd part is, that my iOS devices are not affected.

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