Can my ISP track my Internet activity with DNS pointed to

My Internet connection obviously is provided by my local ISP, but I’m wondering if there is any tracking possible by the ISP when the DNS is set to Cloudflare. Are they blind to what I do when surfing the Internet?

Similarly, Cloudflare can track my activity since my requests go through their servers but is that the extent of any possible tracking? Any website I visit only recognize the IP address that comes from Cloudflare?

If you just use from your router or device these requests will not be encrypted. Your ISP is able to monitor requests to these IP addresses so yes they could possible track your activity.

If you want encryption you will need a router that supports DoT (DNS over TLS) and configure it to use Some mobile devices have this option too (iOS and Android Enable Private DNS with on Android 9 Pie ( Windows doesn’t support it directly but you can install and configure a DNS proxy service and use that.


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