Can my flagging limits and PM message limits be increased?

Ok, the past few days that I’ve used CF I have (at some point during the day) hit my flag AND PM limit! Since this seems to be occurring repeatedly, I would like the limit to be increased for me!

And I’m not asking for anything too insane, just something that would prevent me from hitting that limit!

However, if this ISN’T possible (and requires TL promotion), then I really don’t care (unless you think I deserve TL3 :wink: !)

I’m not sure what you mean by a PM limit.

The flag limits are tailored to this community and are applied to everyone and very few people hit them, if you are repeatedly hitting limits then I’d really consider carefully what you are flagging. Most people on the community are well within the guidelines and I generally find that very few flags are needed - I’m not sure why you’re using so many but I would definitely think about limiting them. They create a lot of work for the staff and are only really needed in the case of spam or offensive content or very occasionally PII like street addresses being shown.


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