Can MX record be set without A record?

I want to use my own domain email with G Suite.

MX record was added according to the following URL.

However, the confirmation of G Suite is not completed.

I’m using flattening CNAME in root domain

A record is not set

If so, can I use MX records?

Root domain website can be browsed normally

An MX record needs to point to a valid hostname, that does not necessarily have to be one of your own domain. As long as these Google hostnames work, the MX records should work too. Looks like a standard Google setup.

There is no issue, right?

I understand that there is no problem.

Thank you

I can’t see my MX record from gsuite after 1 day

Wait until the setting is reflected

What’s the domain (censoring the domain is never a good idea when asking for help :wink:) and did you properly validate your domain on Google?

Thank you

Domain ownership verified with gsuite

mx check seems to be no problem

MX records setup validation in progress is displayed in step 5

Is the DNS record setting correct?

It seems everything is right except for the three mentioned points, which you should still set up but that is nothing Cloudflare specific.

the three mentioned points is this?


Thank you
It was very helpful

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