Can Log in to my Cameras with CloudFlare as DNS

Im trying to use Cloudflare for DNS service on my website / server but Im finding it does not seem to work with various parts of my page.
First thing I noticed was the MQTT to my page was failing to connect even though the page would load fine.
Secondly, Im finding that my Synology DSCam app that would connect to my domain fine before switching from 1and1 to Cloudflare fails to connect entirely. It uses port 5001 which is forwarded on my end and if I type in the IP address loads fine, so I figure thats a problem on CF side.
Is CF not forwarding all ports for my site?

Cloudflare does not proxy Port 5001.

well thats great, does me no good if I cant connect to my server.
Thanks for the update.

friend who showed me the DNS thing, told me to turn off the proxied DNS, now it works fine so.

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