Can load website through my direct IP, but domain with record to IP gives 522 error

Good afternoon,

I bought a domain a couple days ago. I’ve got two records, ‘A’ which directs the site name ‘.com’ to my IP address (which I get from and ‘CNAME’ which points ‘www’ to the domain name.

I have a server serving a simple HTML site listening on port 80.

I’ve port forwarded port 80.

When I load my direct IP through the browser, the site loads. When I load the domain name, I get a 522 timeout error.

Any ideas? How could I troubleshoot this issue? A friend suggested the record hasn’t percolated throughout the network yet, but it’s been 3 days.

Try turning SSL off for the site. My guess is the requests are getting upgrade to use HTTPS which is 443 that is failing.

That worked. Thank you so much!

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