Can I withdraw money from my wallet to paypal?

Hello Cloudflare team, i wanna withdraw money in my account to paypal

How is that Cloudflare related?

what do you mean ?

my account have about 74$, and i wanna withdraw to my paypal

I assume you are referring to credit on your Cloudflare account. This can be used to pay for Cloudflare services but cannot be withdrawn.

cannot withdraw @@~, I don’t know what to do with that balance

You can use it for any paid service. Where did this credit come from?

oh,. thanks you so much

Hi Sandro,

I just wanna check with you about the Credit Balance. My Credit Balance has $74.17

But it says “Unused credits expire 3 years after being issued”. Will I lose this $74.17 if I don’t use it at all? or it will stay in my account forever?

Thank you.

That’s what the message says. You need to use it within that period.

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