Can I whitelist multiple IPs as a list?


I can see that I can whitelist IPs but I have about 40 IPs for each of my domains on there. So, I’m hoping there’s a way to whitelist other than the write them in there one by one? Is uploading a list, or something like that, possible?

Thank you!

On the Firewall?
Possibly via the API but i am not the best programmer :sweat_smile:

Try something like

(ip.src ne 123.456.789.0 and ip.src ne 123.456.789.1 and ip.src ne 123.456.789.2 and eq "")

Action -> Block

Maybe you can do some magic foo to extend this rule ‘automatically’ on your command line by adding those ip from a txt file. IDK.

That looks more like a “block everybody else” list.

I am curious as to why the OP needs to Whitelist so many addresses. What’s going on that’s blocking those 40 IP addresses? You also don’t need to do it for each domain. You can Whitelist IP address for All Websites in Account.

Just an example for expressions. Yes it’s a block everything else rule but thats what i see when someone want to whitelist IPs.

With the new firewall? :thinking:

@eric11 I have the same question as sdayman

are those IP’s triggering a Firewall rule or just avoiding that possibility? The reason, I ask is that if there are no issues, should one of those become compromised, not much stopping the rest from being compromised.

Either way, you can also Whitelist a range of IP’s e.g. /24, or an Autonomous System (AS) Numbers for something like an entire ISP.

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No, the old one. On the same page. It’s not like it’s confusing, or anything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I forgot that this thing is still there because i never scrolled that far down the past weeks. :joy:
Now that you mentioned it… i need to delete some rules there…

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I know I new around here but Mark, Firewall Rules are at the top! :stuck_out_tongue:

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