Can I whitelist a load testing IP?

We are trying to load test an application and are having problems with Rate Limiting impacting the tests. Yesterday, it was fine but today whenever we ramp up load testing, it starts limiting the tests stopping us from progressing.

I’ve added the an IP Access rule with the IP in it, but rate limiting is still stopping us from processing. I’ve tried adding a very large rate limiting rule, but the rate limiting still stops us from progressing. How do we turn off the rate limiting, and why is it activating today but not yesterday?

Do you have the Rate Limiting feature turned on in Firewall -> Tools?

Do you see anything in the Firewall Activity Log?


Thanks for replying. I did not have the Rate Limiting feature turned on under Firewall > Tools. However, in the Firewall > Overview > Firewall Events, I see that there is rate limiting occurring, which corresponds when the load testing gets 429 errors. Looking at the Firewall Activity Log, I see Rate Limiting occurring against the IP of the Load Testing injector.


I’m somewhat surprised that it rate limited a whitelisted IP address. I’ve load tested my sites before with no errors. Maybe Support can take a look at it:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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