Can i use Zero Trust on my home access point

i found this amazing new world yesterday and want all the benefits today; though it’s a little over my head.

I see that i can use Zero Trust through a router, so i want to confirm this will work in my setting.
i use a Deco mesh router/access point for our household and believe this service will merely sit at the access point managing all data passing through it.

is this a simplistic correct synopsis or is there more to it?
also, can i do this on a deco mesh router?

Hi sunrise.joz77.

There’s a bit to unpack in your post, as Zero Trust is more of a principle than a single service (I recommend reading up about it here {}).

The Deco range certainly offers a lot of solutions, like VPNs, VLANs and more, which when deployed correctly, can certainly increase security.

This link goes through setting up a VPN on the router which allows all your traffic to be routed through a more secure server than what your ISP might offer {}.

Through setting up security principles (Such as Multi-Factor Authentication) and limiting which devices can connect to each other on your local network (Like servers and Zigbee products), you can increase your network security so that if an attack were to happen, the affected devices would be drastically reduced.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions :slight_smile:

In theory I would say yes if your router supports ipv6 DNS entries.
To test this, create a DNS Location in Gateway → DNS Locations, then click setup instructions to find the ipv6 DNS address to use on your router.
Next create Gateway->Firewall Policies to control all the traffic coming from your router/home network.
Otherwise just use the WARP / Zero Trust client on all your devices with Warp with Gateway mode.