Can I use WARP for tunnel access and not use CF for DNS?

I don’t want WARP to override my PC’s DNS (we use a third party DNS filtering service), I just want to use it to tunnel into the private network. If I set the Service Mode to “Gateway with WARP” then it works as expected, but it also forces all DNS traffic over Cloudflare. Attempting to use “Proxy mode” doesn’t automatically route all traffic through the tunnel, I assume that it’s only listening for traffic directed to the local proxy port (default 40000).

How can I tunnel all LAN traffic WITHOUT using Cloudflare for DNS resolution? Note that I’m not trying to use the DNS server on my LAN, just trying to use the DNS provider that the client (Windows) picks up via DHCP.

Use wgcf and the WireGuard app. Then change the DNS options to your own likings.

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