Can I use spectrum with mariadb?

Is it possible to use spectrum with mariadb?

It’s definitely possible with the Enterprise spectrum plan that includes arbitrary TCP, but then your database will be exposed on the web at a random Cloudflare IP address. It’s always best to connect your backend databases via a private network/vlan, something which the big 3 Cloud providers (AWS/GCP/Azure) support by default.

My database is already open to the internet, but using a non standard port and a secure password…

So it won’t be possible to use spectrum with mariadb on the pro/business plan?

No, currently only SSH and Minecraft are supported on the Pro/Business spectrum plans - so you have two options:

  • ask sales about billing for Spectrum (might or might not be less than $5k depending on your usage needs; you’d have to ask Sales)
  • set your server to use mysql over ssh, which might be slower but uses SSH as a tunnel to the host.

Too expensive… I mean my db won’t be generating more than 100 gb/monthly and that’s a very high estimation…

but thanks