Can I use same API token for multiple sites for WP Fastest Cache?

Title kind of says it all, I have multiple sites on a free cloudflare account, I also use WP Fastest Cache on all sites, do I use the same API Token for all the sites when following the WP Fastest Cache set up suggestions? Or do I create a different token for each site?

Thanks if you can help

As long as the Token is configured for all those zones (domains), that’s ok.

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Thanks for your reply, I chose the basic settings of Zone Cache Purge Purge, Zone Zone Settings Edit, and for zone resources I just left it as is (I think for all)

Basically I just followed this: WP Fastest Cache Cloudflare | WP Fastest Cache

But for zone resources I just left it at what it started at, not the Include Specific Zone you see on that link

So I think that means I should be good to use them on all right?

For Zone Resources it says: Include and All Zones

I put nothing for Client IP Filtering or TTL

So… can someone please confirm that with that configuration I can use it on multiple sites? Cuz I have no idea

I really cant get anyone to confirm this is OK? And there is no way to contact cloudflare for the answer? I just have to guess that it will all work out, throw it on 10 sites, and cross my fingers?

If it works, then it’s ok. Does it not work?

Thank you so much for your reply, I have been afraid to add it to another until I gave the additional information and no one has replied since I gave that, it should be ok to do right?

Certainly. At worst, nothing will happen.

Haha got it thanks, I am not a technical person and things like this always scare me, have a good day

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