Can I use R2 to offload my wordpress media library?

I would like to know if I can offload my wordpress media library to R2.

I would like to have Cloudflare serve my website images from R2.

Is it possible?

Hey, thanks for asking!

If you’re looking for a plugin, currently I am not aware of any WordPress plugin having this feature yet. Hopefully, there will be at least one in sooner future :wink: :thinking:

There is a pluggin, the name is wp offload media

Apparently, it integrates well with Cloudflare.

But this is not my question, I would simply like to know if it is possible to have to offload website media library to Cloudflare R2 and then have Cloudflare serve the images from there.

Wp Offload Media does, as it allows you to have your images in S3 and serve them with Cloudflare.

Since R2 is in direct competion with S3, it would be nice if Cloudflare could offer this option. Then we would have no data egress costs.

That should very well be possible. You probably want to set-up user Domain Access for that bucket, and go on from there as usual with WP assets.

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