Can I use Quic Cloud + Cloudflare cdn Together?


I’m Using Dedicated server + Ubuntu server + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel + WordPress + LS Cache plugin

I want to Add my site in Cloudflare, DNS setup to my server…

The site is now UP and Serving now with no problem.

IN WordPress plugin / LS Cache – CDN Tab - Quic OFF - CDN Mapping OFF - Cloudflare API Off
Site Works…

1-is there any problem, if I Turn ON Quic CDN + Cloudflare API together?

2-What Benefits, I can get if I use Both Together?

What Actually I want is a High-Speed Secure setup

My hope is this forum…Kindly do reply


So it’s best not to combine CDNs for a couple of reasons.

  1. Cache problems. If you’re expecting a page to be cached for 60 seconds, and you have 2 or more CDNs caching it, CDN 1 might cache it for 60 seconds and then pull from the origin (which is CDN 2) which might return a cached reply, causing your cache timeout to add together and be much longer than you expect (causing stale or old pages to be served to visitors).
  2. Configurability. If you change a setting on CDN 1 you’ll need to change it on CDN 2 as well. Plus, CDNs have different feature sets and if both don’t support the exact same feature with a similar implementation you won’t be able to use it at all.
  3. Finally, DDoS prevention. If a user hits Cloudflare’s CDN, which then fetches from the Quic CDN, the Quic CDN might see a lot of requests coming from a similar IP range (depending on if they respect headers) and block it, which you don’t want.

Your best option is to stick with either Cloudflare’s cache which you configure yourself, or Cloudflare’s APO which performs cache optimizations and many other benefits automatically (APO is paid).

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