Can I use proxied dns features (like rate limiting) along with GCP managed SSL?

We’re using GCP managed SSL, which required us to set the corresponding A Record for our domain from “Proxied” to “DNS Only”. We wanted to use Cloudflare rate limiting a certain path, but because we’re set to “DNS Only” in Cloudflare it doesn’t work. It we change back to “Proxied” it works, but it seems clear that in 90 days, the GCP SSL renewal will fail, taking our site off line. Is this correct?

Is there another way to pair GCP Managed SSL with Cloudflare’s features like rate limiting?



Sorry, but only :orange: Proxied hostnames can use Cloudflare features.

GCP Managed SSL would need to be configured to use a different verification process, apparently. Or just use a Cloudflare origin certificate.

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