Can i use plex on a cloudflare tunnel so long as it is not proxied?

First, I am sorry if I chose the wrong category for this topic, but onto my question.
I am trying to setup a home-server, one of the applications running on the server is plex. I used cloudflare tunnels to easily access other parts of my server but I am confused over the exact TOS.

I am wondering if I can use cloudflare tunnels to bring forward my plex server so long as it is not proxied (changing it to be DNS only).

So creating a tunnel that goes to and under Website>DNS changing it from proxied to DNS only.

I have tried searching online and in the forums but everything I see just brings me more and more confusion.
Thanks in advance for the help in clearing up my confusion!

Have you tried it? I don’t think tunnels work when they’re set to DNS Only. At least mine didn’t.

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Tunnels have to be proxied, to expose something unproxied you need to stop using a tunnel.

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I have not tried it. But I might try it unprovoked on another service just to check

Oh, I did not know that tunnels had to be proxies. Good to know. Well, guess it’s time to set up a reverse proxy solution or something.

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