Can i use one tunnel secret.json for storing multiple tunnels secrets?

Can i use single tunnel-secret.json for storing multiple tunnels since it’s a json?

It seems to me that the tunnel and cert JSON are tied together, but I could be wrong.

Are you talking multiple tunnels on the same server?

It just seems to me that this isn’t necessary.

There’s a semi-related thread recently:

But we don’t need cert file for running the tunnel right.
In my scenario One Tunnel / Region but tunnel.json would have multiple entries of the tunnels from all regions(secrets,tunnel-id, accounttag, tunnel name) would that work?

No, not the cert file, but I just don’t know how cloudflared handles a JSON file configured for several tunnels. Maybe @nuno.diegues is still in today.

Each tunnel.json is tied to 1 tunnel. You can see in its contents that it contains the tunnel ID, the secret, etc… You can run the tunnel just with its json file.

The cert.pem is tied to the account. It warrants rights to manage tunnels in the account (e.g. create, delete, list, etc…).

Having said that, cloudflared expects the tunnel json to contain just the contents for a single tunnel. Not exactly sure what you intend to do here, but it would not work.


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