Can I use "not cf.edge.server_port in {80 443 22}" in a firewall rule on the free plan?

Hi, Can I use this in the WAF as a rule to block all traffic except in ports 80, 443 and 22? eq "" and not cf.edge.server_port in {80 443 22}

Is this rule correct? Do I use URL Full for the field?

Will this work with the free Cloudflare plan?


What are you trying to do? re: 22, we wont proxy traffic to port 22 unless you purchase Spectrum.

If you want to only allow traffic to 80 and 443 HTTP ports, then eq "" and not cf.edge.server_port in {80 443} works for me on my free plan zone.


Thanks! I understand that to proxy port 22 I need Spectrum.
To block all ports except 80 and 443: what about the “Field” in my rule? I’m using “URL full”. Is that correct? Or should it be “Hostname” or something else?

Click on ‘edit expression’ and then copy and paste eq "" and not cf.edge.server_port in {80 443}
At the moment, your rule is saying ‘if the URL full equals ‘ eq…’’ which obviously it never will :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m using eq "" and not cf.edge.server_port in {80 443}

Is the “URL full” Field correct? Should it be “Hostname?”
Is the Operator “equals” correct?

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