Can I use my own SSL on a Cloudflare free Plan?

Helo My question is simple that can If I have a Website and I want to use Cloudflare DNS is it possible can I use my own SSL on a Cloudflare free plan?

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You mean uploading your own SSL certificate? This is only possible in Business and Enterprise plan.

In case you are curious why this is not available in lower tier plans (trying to prevent another war :laughing:):

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ok Its mean I have to Upgrade my Plan first. Thanks for your Time.

Wow You have written a long tale… But really Appreciated your efforts very less people have this type of confidence.

Thanks to @michael. He wrote that post.

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And it’s a little out of date since last weeks announcements.

It seems Cloudflare have improved the reliability of OCSP stapling to stop calling it “best effort” and start saying “100% OCSP stapling support”. You can now use a cert with OCSP Must-Staple support.

Depending on your requirements, you can now use a Custom Cert where I have no access to the key, or use Keyless with a HSM, so Cloudflare have no access to the key.

The things that they will hopefully do in the near future:

  • Reduce the certificate lifetime for Universal certs to 90 days.
  • Reverse the ACM cipher model, so the defaults are better, and you need ACM to enable weak ciphers.
  • Start to enable Must-Staple for Universal certs, and work towards 100% Must-Staple.

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