Can i use multiply Cert?

i am new in cloudFlare solution.
we are SaaS company and we want to use could Flare DDOS protection solution.
a lot of our customer (600+) have their own URL that refer to our server . our service work on HTTPS.
can we use 600+ separate Certificate on cloudflare service?

Is it a CNAME? Normally, I suggest a CNAME setup on a Business or Enterprise plan, but I hear SSL for SaaS is similar.


Dear @sdayman

  1. Customer url will be work by CNAME topic which you mention.
  2. I want seperate ssl certificate for each customer. I see universall ssl or multipy-domain certificat solution. Is it a way to add 600+ cert?

The scenario you are looking at is precisely what SSL for SaaS was designed for.

You currently tell your customers to create a vanity CNAME for which points to your I presume you are provisioning the certs using Let’s Encrypt with http-01 validation. With SSL for
SaaS you would change the provisioning process so that you add the custom CNAME target to your Cloudflare account, and Cloudflare will provision the correct cert on your account.

There is a beta program running at the moment for PAYG SSL for SaaS which you could look at. Otherwise, you will need to be on an enterprise plan, and you can get pricing information for your scenario by contacting Sales.


Thank @michael
Yes we use let’s encrypt service. We recently change our account to business mode.
Now can you explaine more?

We creat cert for each customer on let’s encrypt service. Can we continue on this way?

Dear @michael
Would you please explaine more from technical perspective?
Does i solve my issue?

The article I linked to goes into great technical detail regarding SSL for SaaS.

Thanks @sdayman

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