Can I use image service while my domain is not active in cloudflare?

Hi, my domain is not registered on cloudflare, my ns are seon another dns provider. can I use image cdn service from cloudflare while my ns are set on another dns provider?

You sure can! They’re part of your account, and not tied to your domains. They’ll have URLs that don’t use your domain hostnames, and you can get those URLs here:

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Yeah, but for activating image service it needs a domain.
there is not any validation on this domain name?
can i use image api for all of my sites that there aren’t registered in cloudflare?

If you chose to storage images with Cloudflare, then you don’t need a domain. They will be served from, see Serve uploaded images · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs

yes, images will be served from
but the thing is I need to use api for sending images to cloudflare,
suppose I have
when I register this domain on cloudflare, then I can use wordpress plugin, and every image that is created in posts, will send to cloudflare.

but in this way I should register and move my dns to cloudflare.

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