Can I use Google Public DNS along with

Can I use as primary DNS and as secondary? Could that cause any problems?

Both services are the same as far as I know. The only difference is that Cloudflare is faster and more private; nothing else.


Most providers offer multiple addresses (ex & along with & so that the likelihood of both going offline at the same time is very remote. I use cloudflare exclusively and have yet to see any downtime. However if you want to…

…You can use multiple providers. The downsides should be minor to non-noticeable.

#1 - They may respond differently due to caching. If a site is changing their IP addresses, it may be cached for longer with one provider than the other. Any half decent site should support both answers because DNS cache is a known thing.

#2 - They may return different geographic locations. A lot of upstream DNS services use geodns. So that your request for (lets say) returns the IP address of the server nearest to you, depending on where you are. It makes the site faster. However due to how (and others) work, you may be given an incorrect answer, or at least a slightly farther away answer. So DNS resolving through Cloudflare to may return a server that’s 50 miles away and DNS resolved through Google may return a server thats 200 miles away.

Does any of this make a big difference? No, probably not. You could probably setup your machine to rotate through 5 different major DNS resolver and never notice. However there may be that one or two sites out there where something “wonky” happens… or it could just be the internet.

According to DNS Performance, is the fastest public DNS resolver.

You can check the chart here:
DNS Performance

But, for you the answer might differ according to the area where you live and it might be possible that is faster for you.

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Thanks for the answer!

If I ping, results are 1ms. But I do feel like websites open faster with Google Public DNS. Will try to use both to see how it works.

Thanks again!

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I saw few people use for primary DNS, while for the secondary DNS.

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