Can I use Full SSL on Free Tier?

Can I use Full SSL option on Free Cloudflare Tier?

Absolutely! That’s what I do. As long as you have some sort of SSL certificate on your server, you can set Cloudflare SSL to Full.

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No dont have SSl on the server.

Unless you can find a way to install an SSL certificate on your server, you’ll have to stick with Flexible SSL. This will give all your users SSL access to your site, which is quite good, but Cloudflare will connect to your server via HTTP instead of HTTPS. It’s a pretty slick setup, but not quite as secure as Full SSL.

Good answer but you can also generate a free SSL certificate by Cloudflare but the issue confusing because you need to choose the LET Cloudflare GENERATE PRIVATE KEY AND CSR but also gives you the option to use your own CSR but generate errors like PRIVATE KEY CSR NOT VALID ERROR 1008. I performed a decoder function on the CSR and it comes out good but I knew it was a self signed certificate and I want it to play with the second option in the list that state “I HAVE MY OWN CSR AND PRIVATE KEY” in my conclusion it could be that the certificate is self signed so I think the Cloudflare team should update the documentation to say “I HAVE MY OWN CA SIGNED CSR AND PRIVATE KEY” or research why a self signed certificate will generate the csr 1008 error message. I’m was out doing some crypto investing and just came back to play with the server and found this so I said let me share it for the other newbies out there. GO AHEAD AND CHOOSE LET Cloudflare GENERATE PRIVATE KEY AND CSR and you should be fine I hope. Still @sdayman comment on using SSL full implementation should be hopefully applicable to this Cloudflare certificate…!!

The following articles can be use as reference for advance CSR issues:

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But as @sdayman points out unless you can install an origin cert on your server it doesn’t matter whether you can create one with Cloudflare or not. If you can’t upload it to the origin server it can’t/wont respond properly to SSL requests.

Yes I got that part thanks to you @cs-cf it makes more sense now… jaja


yes THANKKKK YOU I THAT’S THE MAIN POINT I WAS TELLING THE GUYS is a ghost site jajajaja just standing there with some Cloudflare apps… CAN YOU RELAY TO THE GUYS I told them that’s where the problem was… If I can access the server structure or panel or OS how can I install a cert EVEN A SELF SIGNED ONE THAT I CAN CREATE. 100% on point!!

If your web host does not offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL - or at least free self-signed SSL - time to change web hosts.

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