Can I use Full encryption mode with Free account?

Or, I can only use Flexible with Free account?

You can use Full with free account. You should also only use Full (strict) to keep your traffic secure

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To use Full encryption mode on my WordPress website, what should I do?
If I change WordPress URL and Site URL in Admin to “https://…”, then I cannot go back to admin login.
And my website shows “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECT”.
Please advise how to use Cloudflare properly when I select FULL.


What happens if you have just Full Mode?

My website shows “Index of…”. I can’t login to my admin panel. so I changed to my site url back to “http://” for now.

Seems like the server isn’t able to handle the HTTPS requests

What should I ask about this to my IT department?

Ask them why, when you configure it to be HTTPS it shows the “Index of…” page

Now, I can use Full. Can I use Full Strict with Free plan?

Yes, and it’s the only setting you should use. Make sure the SSL certificate on your origin is valid and not self-signed.

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I will look into Full Strict.
When I see the “Connection is secure” right now and click this, I can see “Issued By: let’s Encrypt”, not “Cloudflare”. is this because my mode is Full?

Cloudflare edge certificates will be from LetsEncrypt, Google Trust Services (GTS) or Sectigo - Cloudflare branded Digicert certificates are not being issued any longer.

Edge certificates (which is what clients see when they connect to Cloudflare) have nothing to do with your SSL/TLS mode (which determines how Cloudflare connects to your origin server). See…

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Thanks for the article.
I read that and then find out the article about Cloudflare IP addresses.
So to use Cloudflare SSL correctly, does my IT dept. need to allow IP addresses?

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