Can I use domain registrar NS as fallback including Cloudflare?

Recently, there was outage of Cloudflare DNS that is encouraging me, why not have some fallback nameservers?

I see some big brands are doing so … so why not me

I don’t need proxy, security. Can I keep Cloudflare as primary ns1 and ns2 field then other four fields for Domain registrar nameservers together. This way total, will be six ns for one domain. If CF by chance fail, I will maintain same entries at both places.

Will Cloudflare accept such configuration or show me inactive? Just afraid.

Thank you

Because the provider you are using (Cloudflare) does not offer it on the plan you are using :slight_smile:

What’s your reason to use Cloudflare then? You’ll be only using their DNS service, which is not bad, but can be typically also provided by your registrar.

Cloudflare does not. If you do not use exclusively the assigned nameservers, Cloudflare will consider your domain as “moved” and remove it.

What you want is most likely not even possible on the Business plan (that would only allow for a CNAME setup), you’d probably need a custom package which typically comes with Enterprise but if you don’t need the proxy service you probably don’t need Cloudflare to begin with.

Cloudflare is excellent for DNS only mode. It’s faster in many regions. I have tested myself many times that’s what I found. Other tool such as dnsperf says exactly what I felt. So I have trust on this service. I wanted fallback just for accidental backup in place.

In my region, proxy is slower and usually off routed (except for enterprise sites) it will give TTFB 100ms. This is my personal experience with Free, Pro and Business plan. Here enterprise users get TTFB of 55ms avg.

So in place of that I use another provider which consistently gives <35-50ms TTFB. Further it is more affordable, customisable to meet my requirements.

These two combination works (Cloudflare DNS + other CDN)

Fair enough. Personally I believe using Cloudflare just for DNS is a bit like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut but it is your call in the end. Also, keep in mind everything DNS is typically cached by the local resolver.

That is not possible I am afraid.

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