Can i use direct admin DNS IF Cloudlflare is my Domain registar

I just transferred my domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare.
but there are more domains that I want to transfer but they are not using Cloudflare as DNS, where I am using Direct admin DNS with NS1 and NS2.
but now I am not sure how I can use private DNS the way it was set up like name cheap or other providers on a Personal (private) DNS server (nonclouldflare)
as I see here on Cloudflare the only way to create is with a business Subscription?
Am i correct?
can I create a private DNS for my domain that is on Cloudflare registrar Registrar?

" What is a custom nameserver?

Cloudflare enables you to use nameservers which reflect your own domain (eg. You can use them in place of your Cloudflare assigned nameservers.

Custom nameservers have the following limitations:

Note: Your assigned Cloudflare nameservers will continue to work even after custom nameservers are enabled."
Thank you all

If you transfer a domain to Cloudflare Registrar or register a new domain through Cloudflare Registrar, you must use Cloudflare DNS servers. The “custom nameserver” premium feature still means you’re using Cloudflare DNS servers, it just lets you use “vanity” names for them underneath your domain (such as instead of the generic names like “”. You can’t use non-Cloudflare DNS or actually host your own name servers.


Thank you so I understand right

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