Can I use Cloudflare's DNS server even if the domain is registered through GoDaddy?


I am new to Cloudflare. I’ve tried to check KB but could not an answer to the following question:

Could I use Cloudflare’s DNS server when the domain name is hosted with a different provider, such as GoDaddy?

We are working on an application that integrates with different DNS providers. Using their APIs we want to add/modify TXT records in the DNS server. My goal is to integrate this application with Cloudflare’s DNS. However, we need a test DNS account so that we can submit our requests. I looked at [Preformatted text]( and see the API is quite simple. However, I will need proper credentials before submitting requests.

Therefore, I need to use Cloudflare’s DNS server to host a test domain. I will then have to create a user id/secret key so I can use the API to modify TXT records.


As long as the specific provider/registrar doesn’t impose any restrictions on you that prevents you from changing the name servers, the answer would be yes:

Go Daddy’s tutorial for that is over here:

Simply take the "“I want to use my own name servers” option, and in the fields to choose which name servers, you add the name servers you see in your Cloudflare Dashboard.


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