Can I use cloudflare with my ssl website

I do use Cloudflare free on on one of my websites.

I want to use the free version on another website, that already has a ssl certificate on it. Can I use cloud flare free CDN on it? (website:

Would it conflict in any way?


You can, and it won’t “conflict”, but because Cloudflare is a Reverse Proxy, your visitors will go through a Cloudflare server that has its own TLS certificate for your domain.

As a proxy server, it then connects to your server securely because you have your own TLS certificate there.

This is a Good Thing.

Hi thanks, ok great, so I just have to put in the Cloudflare name servers on the domain DNS and that is it?

As long as your DNS entries in your Cloudflare account match the DNS entries at your web host account, you’ll be all set.

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