Can I use Cloudflare when domain's nameservers are pointed to Google Domains?


I have a domain name (example[dot]com) that’s currently registered with GoDaddy and I’ve set the nameservers to point to Cloudflare, where I use the proxy feature to support the features of your free tier product for a couple of subdomains (labs[dot]example[dot]com and go[dot]example[dot]com). However, I’d like to set up a subdomain for the DDNS feature of my Synology DiskStation NAS so I can access it remotely, by visiting nas[dot]example[dot]com. In order to achieve this, I need to use the ‘synthetic records’ feature offered by Google Domains. From what I understand, in order to use this feature, I’ll need to transfer the domain from GoDaddy to Google Domains, which I’m willing to do, but here’s the kicker - the nameservers for the domain would have to point to Google Domains if I’m correct that the synthetic records feature would only work if Google Domains was managing the DNS for the domain - which means Cloudflare wouldn’t be managing the DNS, so no more benefits derived from using Cloudflare with this domain. Does that sound correct to you?

Am I correct that it’s not possible for certain subdomains (e.g. labs[dot]example[dot]com and go[dot]example[dot]com) to be protected by Cloudflare’s services, while at the same time be using Google Domain’s synthetic records feature? A domain can’t have its nameservers pointing to both Cloudflare and Google Domains simultaneously, right?




Only an Enterprise level account could achieve what you are looking to do, at a substantial cost.

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Unclear why you need the synthetic record feature. What is it supposed to do for you that say a CNAME record would not?

You could use Cloudflare in a CNAME setup if you wanted to move your domain name servers away. That is available on the Business plan, but based on what you indicated you want to do I don’t think it’s necessary.

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