Can I use cloudflare tunnels to reverse proxy my nextcloud server at home?

Hello, I am planning to use Cloudflares tunnels to act as a reverse proxy for my nextcloud server running at home but I’ve done some digging and found out that it might violate Cloudflares TOS. I looked on the community forum here as well and discovered this post from another user who had the same question.

The answer isn’t a straight yes or no and they’re discussing Argo tunnels which I’m not using. Is it possible to get confirmation from the team at Cloudflare to confirm if this action would be a violation of your use policy. I do not plan on downloading/uploading 100’s of GB of data a day, everything is already backed up so I only need to download/sync what I upload in a day which is a few gigabytes at max depending on what I do that day.


IIRC, Argo Tunnels was the former name of Cloudflare Tunnels.

I think you should be looking for the answer in this post:

As soon as traffic is being served through Cloudflare, that Cloudflare ToS clause 2.8 applies.

It doesn’t matter whether it is just a “normal” A/AAAA record, that you have Proxied (:orange:), or through tunnels.

Traffic being served, is traffic being served, regardless how you do it.

Unless the traffic you serve from your nextcloud is actually HTML content, then yes, your account could get in trouble due to the mentioned ToS clause 2.8.

After just ~ 16 hours, as well as being in a weekend, I think this is where most would say “Patience is a virtue”.

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