Can I use cloudflare how like hosting for blog?

Hello! Now Im have domain (godaddy registrant). Can Im create new wordpress blog on cloudflare or I must + have somr hosting? Thanks/


You need separate hosting, Cloudflare is not a host, apart from very specialised services (e.g. Sites and Pages).

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It’s possible, but you would need to have a local copy of the site that you work on then convert that to html and host it as a Workers site.

Useful links:

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As everyone else said, you’ll need hosting if you want to use Wordpress.

However, if your site is static (as in it is your own blog and no user generated content/sign in etc) then you could use Cloudflare Pages.

The other option also said above is to use Wordpress to build a website and then put that on a Cloudflare page (or worker if you need dynamic content)

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