Can i use CloudFlare for this?

Hello, we will set up a social media platform.

We want to stream user-uploaded videos of about 10-30 megabytes over CloudFlare. The videos are not live streams. As I mentioned, videos in the range of 10-30 megabytes, which were previously shot and reduced in size by processing with FFMPEG. These videos will be watched by other users, that is, they will be constantly taken from your servers.

I know there is unlimited bandwidth, but I still want to ask. Is there any obstacle to using CloudFlare for such a system? At least for a start, we can buy Pro packs once we hit 1TB of traffic.

Terms of service prohibit that, but you’re more than welcome to use the Stream product.

Thank you for your answer, but isn’t that service for live streaming and on-demand content? The contents I am talking about are pre-recorded videos that have been reduced in size with FFMPEG. I don’t expect any absurd traffic. Maximum 1TB or something.

Those sound like the same thing to me.

But give ToS 2.8 a look:

Thanks a lot.

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