Can I use Cloudflare for Teams for my home network?

I want to use Cloudflare for Teams for my home network to protect my family against adult content, I already put it the IP addresses on my router (, in both LAN and WAN, I created policies to block adult content, but it doesn’t seem to work, most popular adult sites are not being filtered.

Do I have to add all devices (phones, laptops, tvs, video-games) from home in this My Team Tab?

Or Cloudflare for Teams is just for organizations?

Am I missing something here?

Cloudflare have actually a specific DNS IPs to block adult content (for families), have you tried using or

On other side, I’m using Cloudflare Teams at my home network, but instead using DNS-over-HTTPS due to my ISP using dynamic IPs.

Yes, I was using Cloudflare for family ( but I want more control for blocking adult content, then I’ve heard Cloudflare for Teams, I would like something more restricted here at my home.

Is anything showing up in your Gateway Log?

Yes, its showing

I was testing Cloudflare for Families, CleanBrowsing and OpenDNS, I just changed the DNS on the router, and it works, but I wanted more control, this is why I’m trying to setup Cloudflare for Teams, but is not working.

Do you guys know what it could be?

Give this a try:

Now I understand the problem, Cloudflare for Teams is blocking adult content, but not blocking for Google, Bing and other search engines, but then I activated the Safe Seach policy

Now search engines is not showing adult content !

Without this policy, search engines are going to show adult sites, images etc., but cannot access them directly.

Thanks to all of you!