Can i use cloudflare for live streaming

Hi. How can i (and is it possible) use cloudflare to create live streaming?

I mean something like

  1. Upload my media stream to rmtp://some_cloudflare_api_endpoint:1935/streaming_key
  2. In front of my website show streaming https://some_cloudflare_api_endpoint/streaming_key.m3u8 via videojs (or something like that)


Stream is a VOD platform, therefore live streams are not supported.

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It’s available as part of the Stream Delivery service for Enterprise customers. If you’re interested in pricing/implementation details I’d recommend connecting with the sales team to discuss your use case(s).

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What else. :sweat_smile:

But no single word about live streaming, or did i miss something? :thinking: Should be added there

Ok how about… See also:

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