Can I use cloudflare CDN while I am using AWS Cloudfront for media delievering?

Hello, I am using AWS S3 and AWS Cloudfront for my video based web site.
I am not sure if AWS Cloudfront is a CDN for my web
because when I use CDNfinder to look at my web it said I dont have any CDN using.

So I am thinking of can I use Cloudflare as a CDN of my site only caching Websitedata without Media Content (Video) while using cloudfront for delivering video. Thanks!

Oh and I am hosting my website on TMD hosting.
Once I pointed nameserver to Cloudflare, the Videos distributed by AWS Cloudfront can not be loaded.
Really need some help here, thanks all!

You can’t serve videos unless you use this:

:grey: the cname of cloudfront and that should do the work

Thanks, yes I know, is there any way I use AWS cloud front for Videos delievering and Cloudflare for CDN?

Yes I have tried to put the cname of my AWS Cloudfront distribution on Cloudflare DNS setting
But the video still can not be loaded, does it take time to process?

Hmm did you :grey: cname record

yes, i put the cname name of the cloudfront distribution into the name bucket and cname value into the target bucket

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