Can I use Cloudflare Business for my company?

I have a domain that uses N subdomains per wildcard.

My monthly average data transfer is 4TB.

I saw that the value of Business plan is US $ 200.00 per domain.

Is it just that amount or is there any cost? For example, data transfer, etc.?

Can I use the Business plan or are there any technical limitations that prevent the use of it for my reality?

Note: Today there are more than 10K subdomains that are accessed via my main domain’s wildcard.

You’d need an Enterprise plan to proxy your wildcard DNS.

Regardless, with that level of use, I suggest you contact Sales on your use case: sales AT cloudflare DOT com.

Under normal circumstances, that $200/month is it, as long as you’re not abusing the service. There are some add-ons available, but those costs are manageable.

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