Can I use APO with Argo?

Is it ok if I use APO with Argo? Or it can harm my site?

They do two different things and can be combined.

APO caches pages at Cloudflare’s edge nodes.
Argo Tiered Caching will check nearby caches if a particular node doesn’t have the file.
Argo Smart Routing gives visitors a faster route to your site.

I am using web stories in my site and after enabling Cloudflare in my site I am getting this error in my search console " The header ‘link’ for the signed exchange payload has an invalid value."
How can I solve it?

That sounds like SXG.

Try Search. I know this has come up many times already.

I found no solution to this. It is because of cloudflare so please tell me how can I fix this?

I did. Turn it off.

Which one to turn off I didnot get??

What to turn off please explain.

Speed settings turn off the beta products. One called signed exchange. However, sounds like your made mistakes on your end, we can’t really fix this.

Argo apo work fine, I used them for 6 months, but unless you run an online shop argo with apo is expensive and probably not needed.

Personally I use argo and good server side caching, my international response times are close to apo if not the same. apo far too many issues, hopefully, 2022 sees attention to it, looking at replying to tickets on GitHub since middle last year be a good start for cloud flare.

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