Can I use an A record instead of DNS so I can maintain my MX records in registrar

I have my MX records set up at my registrar for Gmail - a method I learned after hosting at WP Engine - and point my A record to my host. This has served me well over the years since if/when I’ve changed hosts, I’ve only had to update the A record without having to go through and update all the MX records at my new host. Is it possible to simply point Cloudflare to an A record rather than completely point DNS records to theirs and lose all of my settings. I am very reluctant to do that; it isn’t just a case of changing one number if I have issues.

One of my registrars has a similar setup I use from time to time. But those are domains I don’t have going through Cloudflare. You’d have to use Cloudflare DNS to use Cloudflare services.

I suggest you try adding your domain to Cloudflare to have it scan your current DNS records and see if they all match up with what you have at your registrar.

Once you can get them to match up, it will behave just like your registrar’s DNS. You’ll rarely have to update DNS records – just when you change hosts.

If you’re satisfied with your DNS setup here, then you can set the new Cloudflare name servers at your Registrar. But if you’re still not satisfied with the setup, you can keep using your domain as it is without Cloudflare.

Hi and thanks. I’ve gone through the process of Cloudflare finding my current DNS records - no problem with them finding them. I’m just nervous about making this move and changing all of my nicely set up records, having to set up my MX records in my host, and then if I’m not happy with Cloudflare for any reason (and I have seen issues with other people), I have to go through and undo everything.

You won’t have to undo anything. Your registrar has DNS records for your domain that will remain dormant. If you don’t like the Cloudflare setup, you change name servers back to your registrar and go back to your “old” setup.

Thanks. I found the solution somewhere else. I appreciate your quick help though! Funny enough, it was on WP Engine’s site where I first learned how to set up my registrar the way I do.

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