Can I use "Add HTML" cloudflare app to insert schema markup data?

I’d like to use the app to insert schema markup data in my pages. Is there any problem with that? Will it work?

I tried to add canonical tags too <link rel=”canonical” href=”” /> but I’m not sure it worked.


Anyone? It’d be really cool if this were possible

Why aren’t you sure? Can’t you just right click and view page source? I can’t see why this wouldn’t work

EDIT: Tested it on my own website. Looks like Cloudflare adds the HTML with Javascript. Therefore it doesn’t show up in view-source which doesn’t run Javascript. So the answer is you can add this stuff but it won’t be read well by search engines which are careful about content added by javascript.

Oh that sucks :frowning:

For us that are not able to put this in thr website directly, it would be perfect and increase the value of Cloudflare by 100x

Thank you!