Can I use 4 name servers?

I have changed my hosting so, now I use the name server of the new hosting. How can I use the 4 name servers?
My site is down because that.

Sorry, no. Cloudflare becomes your one and only authoritative DNS unless you’re on an advanced (expensive) plan. All DNS records for your domain need to be in your Cloudflare DNS list.

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Can I ask why? My personal webhost (Dream Host) provides me with a pair of nameservers, but I don’t use them. I simply make sure my origins point to whatever their DNS says the records should be.

If you want to delegate your NS records to them for the hosts they cover you certainly can, but then you’ll get none of the Cloudflare benefits as the records won’t be proxied (which would be the same result 50% of the time if your hosting provider’s DNS was in use alongside Cloudflare anyway) .

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