Can I upload webp to WordPress instead of jpeg?

Does it now make sense to upload images to WordPress as webp rather than jpeg? Since 5.8, WordPress can serve images as webp and support for webp is at 96.3% on

The advantages here would be to save on server storage space and also it would reduce the need for Cloudflare Polish to convert from jpeg to webp.

The exception here seems to be the image used as the featured image because open graph does not yet support webp. So this would be uploaded as a jpeg and converted for most users by Cloudflare Polish.

Is it too big a risk to not use jpeg though? What are the disadvantages of using webp rather than jpeg? It looks like Cloudflare Polish will soon be able to offer AVIF conversion as well as webp, but I don’t know if that requires the source file to be in jpeg rather than webp?

Yes, WebP is compatible with a lot more devices than a couple of years ago. But you have to be careful with that number. It seems to refer to the percentage of user agents that can currently support WebP, not the actual number of devices in circulation.

Support for WebP in iOS starts with version 14. According to Apple, 4 % of all iPhones and 10% of all iPads are still using earlier versions. Android and desktop-browser support is much wider.

But still, if you care about those old-iPhone/iPad eyeballs, you still need to provide the JPG alternative.

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