Can i upload .html file by myself?

To customize the URL Of A Referral Tracking Link.

I received instruction to provide .html file by below:

““Log on to your hosting administration panel (e.g. Cloudflare) to upload the file to server connected to the custom URL (e.g. This will create a web page URL that looks something like this: Note: Your website administrator may need to help you with this step. You can send your webmaster the code (referral.html) in notepad format as an email attachment.””

With this instruction. How can i upload html file i to Cloudflare? Am i allow to upload myself? If yes, can share the steps to do uploading? If it is not allow to do by myself, who should i refer to? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Who provided you with these instructions? Cloudflare does not offer hosting, so there is nothing to upload. I am a bit surprised by the example they provided.

Hi Sandro, i found my domain hosted at Cloudflare. Can you double checkthe snap info. Thanks

Ehm, that is not correct I am afraid. Your domain points to Cloudflare but Cloudflare does not host anything, they only route through to your host. You need to upload whatever you want to upload to your actual host.

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