Can I turn of W3Total Cach and Autoptimize using Argo Smart Routing?


I’m using Wordpress with the combination W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize and Cloudflare (free account).
But the speed is very bad according to the Google metrics reports (
I am thinking using Argo. But will it improve really my performance?
And do I need to turn of W3 Total and Autoptimize when using Argo?

Any other suggestions to speed up my website are also welcome.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Thank you,

hi, before you decide to use Argo

please try to do the following first:

// W3 Total Cache :
is object cache enabled? try to disable
is database cache enabled? please try to disable
have you enabled minify? try to disable (use Cloudflare minify)

// autoptimize : try to deactivate

// CF page rules : Cache Level : Cache Everything

check your score again.

Wow. thank you Keizha. Turning Autoptimize already brought the homepage score up from 51 to 60.

  • W3 settings were already like you suggested.

  • Where should I change the Cloudflare page rules cache level? Is this in Cloudflare? Of in Wordpress?

Furthermore, I see now Cloudflare suggests me to use ‘Automatic Platform Optimization’
It says it will be 46.9%, 2120 ms faster on desktop.

That would make maybe even more difference?


On Cloudflare “Rules”

Unfortunately… as a free plan user I don’t use APO so I can’t give any views.

I think it’s great if you use it.

By the way… some plugins and third party external scripts can slow down your site.

Ok, thank you!
I’m trying APO now, will share the results…

May I ask in a combination with W3 Total Cache? :thinking:

Hi, no… just reading the manual for APO and I had to turn W3 off.
And wow,… that did a lot. The speed of my website improved very much, also the Google Pagespeed scores.

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