Can I transfer my domain to Cloudflare from Namecheap if it's due to expire today?

I have a domain I want to transfer to Cloudflare from Namecheap that expires today.

Is that possible or will I have to renew it at Namecheap first?

Too much risk of bad things happening. Renew it first, then move it.


Thanks. I appreciate that there could be problems, but still need to know if it’s technically possible.

Domains should transfer as soon as the IPS tag is updated, but it’s not guaranteed. Bear in mind the current time in the UK when you say “today”.

Is it really worth risking it for just a few $? The transfer to Cloudflare done tomorrow would be free and doesn’t add another year as it does for other domains.


ok. thanks for the info. I’ll renew it first as you suggest

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