Can I transfer a delegated sub-domain? (e.g

Per the title, is it possible to transfer a delegated sub-domain?

I can create NS records at and I want to delegate to Cloudflare.

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If you want to use you need a domain am.ple

Ex-if you have a domain you can add protection to

If you have a domain am.ple let me know i will guide you further

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Perhaps a terminology problem, but “transfer” of a subdomain to any Registrar is not possible.

Are you looking to enable Cloudflare for just, or will you also want, and any other hostname under the delegated subdomain?


This feature (sub-domain signup) is available only on an enterprise plan today … or potentially in an SSL for SaaS config depending on the use case involved.

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Yeah, sorry. I don’t mean transfer in the “domain registration” context, I mean transfer in the sense of zone authority e.g can I host a domain on Cloudflare at the third level.

Got it. Thanks.

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Yes. As an alternative to Subdomain delegation you can use a CNAME setup (at Buinsess or Enterprise level)

Thanks. Just looking for DNS hosting for now

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