Can I switch to another cloudflare DNS?

My domain name points to Cloudflare DNS.

But I can not accessing the site frequently, the browser shows “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”, but people from other countries can access my site at the same time.

Is the DNS was blocked? Can I switch to another Cloudflare DNS?

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET wouldn’t be related to the DNS since in order to connect the browser would have already received a DNS response for the A record or CNAME record.

The issue would be occurring after the steps that DNS is involved. If people are experiencing this issue when trying to open pages on your website then it could be related to the IP address which your website is :orange: proxied with Cloudflare which is a common problem I experience too with Cloudflare 104.x IP’s.

Do you know any pattern for which you or your users are experiencing this issue? Is it with a particular IP or users in a particular region, or does it seem completely random?

I’m in China and I get this problem frequently when I visit this site
And my other website points to another DNS of Cloudflare, this website is always accessible and never got an ERR_CONNECTION_RESET error

Can you tell me how to diagnose this error, I don’t know where the problem is

I click on the i icon next to the browser address bar, and the message “your connection to this site is not secure” pops up

I’m also in China and experience this problem often recently, it seems to be a wide spread issue at the moment with Cloudflare if your website has got 104.x IP assigned to it by the :orange: Proxy.

There is a simple solution though. You can turn off the :orange: and set the IP manually to another Cloudflare IP such as one starting with 188.x and then use a Worker to route those requests back to your origin.

Like this:



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