Can I stream radio content on to a CloudFlare DNS


Currently creating a radio station and I need a web server to host the stream. I can’t do it on my laptop because I risk hackers getting into it and if I have more than 1000 listeners for example it will put a lot of strain on my poor laptop, so I decided to search up DNS server providers on Google and Cloudflare came up as one of the best dns server providers.

I need to link up my radio stream(IceCast, if anyone knows that software) to the audio player of this website. Is there a way I can create a DNS server and do this with Cloudflare? If you need any clarification, please do let me know. If there is not a way to create a DNS server and link up my radio stream with it, can you guys direct me to another platform that might be able to do this?



You will still need some server from where you actually stream your content. Cloudflare will only play middle-man.

That is fine, I have a radio server on my computer. I just need it to link to a DNS server that Cloudflare may have.

How would that help you? All the connections would still go to your personal computer.

For various reasons I cannot port forward my IP, so I have to resort to using a DNS provider. I’m ok with all of the connections coming to my computer until I get a better server, but can Cloudflare provide a DNS for me?

Yes, but many others could provide a DNS service too. Basically all you want is to map a domain name to your IP address, right?

That is correct. Can you name a few DNS services that can do this for me?

Most domain registrars offers this these days.

Alright then, thank you for all of your help. So I’m assuming I can just point my server to that DNS the registrar gives me and all the incoming traffic will come to me, correct?

Technically you dont point your server to it, but you associate your domain with your registrar’s name servers and then create a DNS record pointing to your server.

Alright then, ill find some other DNS providers. Thanks for all of your help!

Not saying you shouldnt use Cloudflare, just that you dont need to use Cloudflare for that. Cloudflare is typically used for a different use case than just plain DNS resolution. But it would certainly still work.

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